In January 2020 we moved to Munich, Germany. The move was greatly motivated by the Brexit situation in the UK as well as a great job opportunity for us. We had visited Munich before, in 2008 , 2010 and 2016, but only last year we started considering moving here.

Little did we know how well timed the move was to be…

In the beginning of March the covid19 crisis started and even though Germany and Bavaria did introduce strict lockdown measures and we stopped traveling by public transport or car, we could walk around and explore our surroundings. We also got to appreciate very much living in a country with proper leaders that knew what to do and managed to control the whole situation much better than most countries around. Definitely much better than in the UK!

Given that we walked around so much in Munich, we got to know it quite well and really appreciate our new hometown 🙂 We only just started to go around Munich also and it’s really beautiful. Lots of more places to explore in the future 🙂

Our photos collection started to grow, first with the areas around us and then with the areas outside Munich. And, I am sure, it will continue growing 🙂