Olympia Park, Munich

Beautiful place in Munich, the location of the 1972 summer Olympic games. We saw it the first time in 2008, when we also got up on top of the Olympia tower. It’s beautifully landscaped and the architecture of the former Olympic sites (stadium, swimming hall, athletics hall) is remarkable and still very well maintained. While there, you cannot miss the BMW headquarters 🙂

One of the best places in Munich to walk around and also the site of some beautiful cherry blossoms 🙂

BMW Headquarters

When in Olympia Park you cannot miss the BMW Headquarters buildings. We first saw them in 2008, then visited in 2010 and then again in 2022, when we went for a lunch there.

The Olympia Tower

The tower was opened in 1969, in preparation for the 1972 Olympics. Its total height is 291 meters and the closed viewing platform is at 186m but you can go a bit higher as there are 2 open air platforms above. It’s really worth going up there. On the closed viewing platform there is small kiosk, where you can get coffee and some small things and one floor under there’s the Restaurant 181. We were there a few times and it’s a very nice place as you get the see the whole Munich area while the restaurant rotates around the tower 🙂 The food is great, the service is sometimes a bit amateurish 🙂