United Kingdom

This is our current home country. We have seen so many places here that I had to split the albums based on regions. Please click to explore.

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North EnglandWales

UPDATE June 2020: As of January this year, we left the UK and settled in Munich, Germany. We spent almost 13 years in the UK, the longest in any place since we got together in 2001. We loved it there and still have very strong ties to our place and friends there. But for us it was too sad to see what happened after the 2016 Brexit referendum and how much hate and misunderstanding surfaced. We kept hoping that the situation might change but Brexit is going ahead, to the visible detriment of the country, so we decided that if the country won’t change its mind than it was time for us to change our country. After all, we do believe in the European Union idea and definitely want to remain in it.