One of the last visits we did with public transport before the lockdown was to the Nymphenburg Palace. We did not get to visit it inside but we did go around the gardens.

We then went back in August to visit the Palace, the Marstallmuseum and Amalienburg. Scroll down to see those photos.

Nymphenburg Palace was not very big (at least not the rooms we could visit) but it had some very impressive rooms, such as the Great Hall and the Gallery of Beauties.

The Marstallmuseum houses a very impressive collection of royal coaches and sleighs, as well as beautiful porcelain produced in the Nymphenburg factory.

One of the most impressive buildings we’ve seen so far was Amalienburg, a small pleasure and hunting lodge for Elector Karl Albrecht and his wife, Maria Amalia. It does not look as much from the outside but inside it definitely has the Wow factor 🙂

When we went there in August we were really lucky with the weather. The walks around the park were a real pleasure and the pretty clouds made it all even better 🙂