Schleissheim Palaces

A beautiful place very close to Munich. It was built largely over the 17th and 18th centuries, though the Old Palace existed before. The complex has 3 palaces and a really beautiful landscaped park with various separate areas. The complex includes the Old Palace, the New Palace and the Lustheim Palace (the Pleasure Palace).

The Lustheim Palace was built in the 17th century on the occasion of the marriage of Elector Max Emanuel to the Austrian princess Maria Antonia. The palace has a very simple layout, with His and Hers wings and rooms. Every room has a beautifully painted ceiling. These days, the Lustheim Palace hosts a great collection of Meissen porcelain, focused mainly on the period at the beginning of 18th century when Meissen became very powerful and well known. The exhibition is beautifully curated and documents the various advances that happened in porcelain manufacturing at the beginning of 18th century. The collection used to belong to Ernst Schneider.

The New Palace is extremely impressive, as it was also meant to be 🙂 It was built by the Elector Max Emanuel in the 17th-18th century, when he was hoping that he will become the next Roman German Emperor. It is a great palace, full of awe-inspiring rooms! The Great Hall and the Big Staircase are amazing!