Recently we went to check out Walchensee. Based on Instagram, it seemed to be a very popular spot for walking and hiking so we had to figure out how busy it gets during the weekend. As expected and also as we were told by some local friends, the parking lots around the best spots for hiking (between Kochel am See and Walchensee) were already all full around 10:30am. That shows the immense popularity of the place, given how many parking spots are around there 🙂 So, we kept going down to the lake. In Walchensee there seem to be some spots left but there was not much point to stop as people were mainly going for a spot on the lake beach. We got on the toll road at the South of the lake and there were lots of places were you could park if you wanted to stay at the lake. However, as we were not really after that, we kept going. We got to Niedernach, at the South-East corner of the lake and we stopped there for lunch at this place. It was quite nice and it seemed very popular. Once finished, we figured out that if you turn right from there and go around the lake, there is actually quite a nice walking/cycling path. Yes, it’s quite flat but it has lovely views and not too many people.