Nymphenburg Botanical Garden

After moving to Nymphenburg area, we discovered the Botanical Garden near the Nymphenburg Palace and Park and we kept going back to see how it changes over seasons. So far we’ve seen it in spring and summer and it’s been amazing as it continues to change with every month 🙂

Spring: From February to end of March

The Botanical Garden is the best place to witness the first signs of spring. Here you can find the first snowdrops and crocuses, in February. It’s so amazing to witness the nature waking up, especially in March, when the first bees start visiting the flowers 🙂 This year we discovered that the gardens are free during the winter months, with the exception of the greenhouses, which means till end of March you can freely roam around 🙂

Summer: From June to August

The garden is amazingly beautiful in summer as everything gets green and colourful. There are lots of types of peonies, irises, roses, poppies, and water lilies starting in June and beautiful sunflowers and dahlias in August.