Autumn in Munich

It’s our first autumn in Munich so we are trying to find the best places for stunning colours 🙂 In Munich you can find beautiful trees everywhere, it seems. We first tried to see if the Asian gardens in Westpark are special but we were disappointed. However, when we went to the east area of the park we found some really beautiful copper trees with their roots in the lake 🙂 English Garden is especially beautiful this time of the year. Hofgarten is also lovely in autumn. One of the best autumn experiences was in the Poets’ Garden, a lovely quiet spot near between English Garden and Hofgarten. We also found lovely autumn colours along the Isar.

Many streets in Munich have lovely colours at this time, so you don’t really need to go too far away to find beautiful autumn colours 🙂

In Westpark

In the English Garden

In the Hofgarten

In the Poets’ Garden (aka Finanzgarten)

On the Isar