Last weekend we finally made it to Neuschwanstein. I kept postponing it mainly because I knew that it would be quite crowded in the summer, even with the covid situation. Also, I wanted to see it in autumn, with the beautiful colours around. The walk up from the parking was quite significant, especially since we took a shortcut from the forest based on the advice of the person taking the parking fees.

We stayed overnight in Füssen, so we were there relatively early, before 10am. The road first gets to the castle itself and then you have to go a bit more to get to the Marienbrücke, with its special view over the castle and the valley below. There was a queue to get on the bridge and we started getting a bit cold but we made it. Due to corona, they have a separation in the middle of the bridge so you need to go one way and come back the other. Also, masks are required everywhere from the parking up. The view from the bridge is indeed beautiful and we were even lucky to get a bit of sun while we were there. Overall, it’s an impressive place and sight. The castle looks better in the context of its location. By itself, it seems just big and soulless.