We visited Berlin together multiple times and I always find it fascinating because the memory of the communist era and the unthinkable separation it went through seems still so very present.

The first time we went there together was in 2003, around Sylvester, when we managed to stop by the Potsdam Sanssouci palace (was closed for winter) and also visit the Pergamon museum again ( I saw them both as a small child in the 80s with my parents on a car trip from Romania to the DDR).

Then, we went in back in 2012, when we also visited the DDR Museum. We then went again in April 2018, when we visited even more museums, Potsdam‘s Sanssouci palace and even managed to visit the beautiful Bundestag building.

Our most recent visit was in April 2019, when we finally managed to go to Checkpoint Charlie and visit the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie and the WWII memorial exhibition at the Wall.