When I saw that there is a Hunderwasser artwork within 1 hour from Munich, we had to go and check it out 🙂 It turns out that it was one of the last Hundertwasser designs as he died even before the work started. The Kuchlbauer brewery owner contacted Hundertwasser in 1999 to have a tower built within his brewery premises. The original design was for a tower of 70m but the local council did not allow such height to be built. The actual construction started much later, in 2007 with the design adapted by Hundertwasser’s friend and colleague, Peter Pelikan. The tower (35m high) was opened to public in 2010. Between 2011 and 2014 Peter Pelikan also designed and built the Hundertwasser-inspired Kunst Haus, where the brewery shop now resides together with various Hundertwasser art objects.