In February this year we decided to revisit Ulm. We were once there back in 2008 but in a business trip. Frankly, I could not remember much 😉

It actually turned out to be a very pretty place with a lot of charm and it was really lovely to walk around in the city and also on the Danube bank.

Ulm is a city in Baden-Württemberg, founded around 850AD. The very imposing, and impossible to miss, Ulm Minster has the tallest steeple in the world (161.53m). The Minster is actually a Lutheran church, therefore it is not a Cathedral, even though it looks like one 🙂 Its construction started in the 14th century but it was finally finished in the 19th century. The church escaped the heavy bombing during the WWII when 80% of medieval Ulm was destroyed.

Another interesting fact is that Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, though I did not see any mention of that when going around!