For our summer mini-holiday, we decided to stay local and go somewhere in Bavaria due to the covid pandemic. So we went near Passau, stayed in Neuburg am Inn, right on the border with Austria, and mainly visited Passau and Schärding, in Austria.

Passau has a very interesting location, at the confluence of 3 rivers, 2 of them pretty big: Donau and Inn (the smaller one is Ilz and it flows into the Danube under the Veste Oberhaus). Because of its location, the floods in Passau are quite usual. The old town is quite pretty though, for some reason, I did not quite warm up to it as much as I thought. There are lovely views of Passau from the other side of the Danube, at Veste Oberhaus.

Passau has a long history, going back to the Roman times. Most of the current buildings are in Baroque style, as the town had to be rebuilt after a fire in 1662. Vest Oberhaus used to be a fortress founded in the 13th century and used as a stronghold by the Bishop of Passau.