Black Forest 2018

This year we spent our anniversary trip in the Black Forest, in Germany.
We tried to see as much as possible, which meant we drove around a lot 🙂 From the places we visited, the cutest one was Gengenbach. We also went to Freiburg, that did not live much of an impression on me, and to Triberg, the birthplace of the Black Forest clocks. We also saw Baden-Baden, which was quite interesting as the architecture reminded us of various places and we found there a really beautiful park with an amazing display of rhododendrons.

One of the most interesting thing was figuring out where the Danube source is…I always thought that its source is in the Black Forest (which is true) but I had no idea that there is no actual stream called Danube/Donau! In fact, the name Donau only appears after multiple streams come together near Donaueschingen. The main streams are Breg and Brigach. Given that the Breg is longer, it is considered to be the actual Danube/Donau source.
While in the Black Forest, we went to Donauquelle, where the Breg actually starts but we also went to Donaueschingen, where Breg and Brigach come together, forming the Danube.