A weekend in Exmoor (2014)

We’ve just come back from a long weekend in Exmoor, one of our favourite places.

This time I also spent a few hours exploring Bristol. It looks totally different from what I thought, very hilly and quite mixed in terms of architecture. I did like it but I was not very much taken with it.

As usual, we stayed in Porlock, a village in Exmoor we like because it offers everything we need and it is situated in a very nice area (the views from the Porlock Hill are amazing). We only had 2 full days this time so we had to decided what places to see or revisit. Given the amazing weather, we decided to go first to Clovelly, a very pretty village in Devon, that survives clinging to a very steep hill. When we were in Cinque Terre, last month, I was reminded of Clovelly as being similar but so much better to visit so we had to go back and see if I still felt the same after visiting it for the second time. This time was even better 🙂 The houses are so lovely and loved, which is something that struck me in Cinque Terre, where the houses looked very sad…

Clovelly has amazing views over the water/Clovelly Bay and we especially like to stop by at the Cottage Tea Rooms for its views, cream tea and friendly staff.

Tea room with a view
Devon cream tea

During the day, I remembered that I’ve read about Tintagel and seeing photos from there we decided to go and check it out the next day. I have to say that the photos do not manage to capture the beauty of this place and the scale of the view.

Made it to the top!

Not to mention the muscle and knee pain you get after climbing up and down the two sides of the Tintagel Castle. The place is absolutely impressive and being on top of the island and looking around at the Atlantic just fills you with awe. The photos here are meant to capture those places but you do need to go there and see by yourself!

As usual, we went again on the North Walk in Lynton to admire the views. Here are some photos from there: