This weekend we visited, for the first time, Tintagel. I’ve read about the place and I saw pictures but nothing can compare with being there! There is no way of conveying the space view around you when you make it to the top of the island!

The steps to and from the castle ruins are quite ‘demanding’, because they are quite tall and, also, because the ascent is quite steep. However, once you make it up there, it is unbelievably beautiful and impressive.

Tintagel village is also quite cute and we very much enjoyed going around. We had a very good Cornish pasty at Pengenna Pasties and very good ice cream/sorbet at Trelevens.

One weird thing that happened was finding the Camelot Castle Hotel. We mainly went there to check out the views from that location but we ended up going inside and having a coffee. The place would be nice without some huge paintings that make it look kitschy, the toilets that are quite outdated, the embarrassing photos of the owners with various celebrities and the extremely embarrassing, self-promoting, creepy, hotel newspaper. It all became clear when I figured out that the owners are Scientologists.

Anyway, this does not make Tintagel any less beautiful and I assume helps the local B&B get clients that otherwise might consider staying at the hotel.