London Olympics and Paralympics

We were lucky enough to live close to London during the London 2012 olympic games. It was a very special time, and we got fully immersed in the games, watching lots of events. We managed to see some events live, though not as many as we hoped given the lottery system they put in place. The atmosphere in London during the games was very special, with lots of volunteers around and lots of smiling friendly faces. The most amazing thing is that during these games people really got behind the paralympics and it was the first time when these special games managed to fill the stadiums even during workdays! That was probably our best time in the UK. Here are some of the photos we took during the olympic and paralympic games.

Some photos from the start of the Olympic games.

During the olympic games, we managed to get tickets for a canoe event at Eton Dorney and the closing ceremony.

We also went to an equestrian Paralympics event in Greenwich and a ParaAthletics event on the olympic stadium.

And, in the end, we also went to see the Team GB parade in London.