Greenwich Park

Beautiful place, the main reason why we moved to Greenwich. We were lucky enough to experience it thorough many years and seasons and take lots of photographs. The views from the hills are the best in London (in my view ;-)). The view at the Observatory is very popular but One Tree Hill also has amazing views.

A selection of the amazing views from the hills in Greenwich Park.

The Flower Garden is pretty amazing and it’s a very relaxing place during the weekdays.

The deers in Greenwich Park are now in an enclosure, but they used to roam free not long ago. Greenwich Park was used as a hunting ground by Henry VIII, so these deers might be their descendants 🙂

Greenwich Park is beautiful in any season. The highlights in the spring are the daffodils and the beautiful cherry blossoms. Here are some spring albums from the recent years: 2018 and 2019.

The park is also really beautiful in autumn, with lots of yellow trees. Here are photos from various years.

I was really lucky to even see snow in Greenwich Park! It was quite a special day…