Most of the photos here are of cats that are or were part of our lives over the years.


The latest cat addition to our family is Jazz. We found her as a small 3-4 month old cat, living under the cars in the parking garage in Greenwich. She was a small little thing, dirty and smelling of car oil and quite scared of humans. She has been living in there for a while and she was clearly really hungry. That is also how we tricked her into getting in a bigger carrier bag we had left from Peppe. We had no idea how her early life experience will affect her and we were not even sure we were ready to have another cat 2 months after Peppe’s death, but we grew fond of her and she is an amazing cat. Still quite scared of humans and the outside but really funny, playful, loving and talkative.

Peppe and Cara

Peppe and Cara were siblings, from the same litter. We got them from a pet shelter in Salem, Massachusetts, when we were living in Cambridge, US. They were with us almost from the beginning of our relationship, as we got them in September 2001, even before we got married. Cara died in January 2017 and Peppe in June 2019. They were lovely cats, very attached to us and both with their own personality.


Cleo was with me for a very short time, from 1999 to 2001. Unfortunately, I did not see her anymore after my divorce in 2001 so I have no idea what happened to her. I missed her quite a lot though 🙁 She was a sickly little kitten as I got her from a pet store near Hampton, NH, USA and she had all sorts of initial health problems. She was really sweet, though, and I really regret not getting to spend more time with her.

Lizuca and Tess

Lizu and Tess were both Birman cats. Tess was the first cat I got, back in Romania. Unfortunately, she died quite young. She was then followed by Lizuca. Lizu remained with my parents after I left Romania for the USA in 1996. She died in 2001 of cancer.


Felix and Yogi

Felix and Yogi are our friend’s cats. We’ve known them since they were really small and took care of them many times. They are lovely cats, very lively and with quite different personalities.

Bisous, A neighbour’s cat.

Random cats